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  • 33,25 € Shipment expected within 2 days

    OEM Spi fork seal with dust cover, Honda genuine spare parts for CB650R Neo Sports Cafe and CBR650R from 2019. Kit seal and dust cover sold in units : order a quantity of 2 for complete change on the bike.

    33,25 €
  • 19,92 € Shipment expected within 5 days

    Motul 10W Factory Line Medium 100% synthetic fork oil with anti-friction additive. Excellent fork protection and lubrication for performance and racing applications. 1 liter can.

    19,92 €
  • 8,25 € In stock, fast shipment

    Honda fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel during a long storage. 250ml capacity.

    8,25 €
  • 9,33 €

    Special detergent for functional motorcycle clothing with or without membranes. Optimal cleaning performance, eliminates odors and prepares to receive a textile impregnation spray (waterproofing kind). 250ml capacity.

    9,33 €
  • 10,21 € 10,75 € -5% Shipment expected within 5 days

    Motul ready-to-use coolant for CB650F, CB650R, CBR650F and CBR650R. Temperature range -35°/+ 136° with an Organic+ formulation (latest generation magnesium) allowing excellent compatibility with gaskets and hoses and optimal protection of aluminum. Very good efficiency to reduce engine temperature and guarantee optimal performance conditions even under...

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  • 98,25 € Shipment expected within 2 days

    Honda maintenance stand for CB650 (and other motorcycles). Robust steel construction, allows the motorcycle to be lifted from the rear, by adjusting the pads (supplied) on the end of the swing arm. Allows easier maintenance (chain) and more practical storage.

    98,25 €
  • 20,75 € In Stock

    FOBO Elbow Racing Valve (T-Valve) for Honda CB650F, CB650R, CBR650F & CBR650R. Suitable installation size 8.3/11.3mm, silver color. Allows you to inflate tires without having to remove the connected FOBO system each time you need it. Also allows you to switch to the T-valve system, which is more practical and quicker for evedysay use. Sold...

    20,75 €
  • 99,92 € In Stock

    Connected pressure monitoring system FOBO for Honda CB650F, CB650R, CBR650F & CBR650R. The FOBO system includes two valve caps with the latest bluetooth standards that communicate with your smartphone to inform you about the tire pressure and issue any alerts in the event of too low pressure or a slow puncture. Practical and quick to use, the system...

    99,92 €
  • 22,43 € 24,92 € -10% Shipment expected within 5 days

    Tire pressure indicator by Puig. This compact pressure gauge with digital display allows quick control of tire pressure.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items