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Anti-theft systems and protection of your CBR650F

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    Premium disc lock of French manufacturing by Top Block. With its small footprint, it fits easily under a saddle. Comes with two keys and a storage bag. The top of the made in France!

    44,63 € 49,58 € -10%
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    Auvray U-Lock for CB650F, all years. Created by the same manufacturer as Honda's same model. Possibility to store it in the motorcycle trunk. Dimensions : 95 x 194.

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  • 99,92 €

    Honda U-lock, size 95x195mm, storage under the seat of your CB650F / CBR650F / CB650R and CBR650R. Honda approved theft protection for your motorcycle.

    99,92 €
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    Puig Beam Auxiliary Headlights for Honda CB650F, CBR650F, CB650R Neo Sports Cafe & CBR650R.Improve your visibility, even in darkness or difficult weather conditions, with this additional light kit.The low-consumption LED headlights are housed in a black-finish aluminum casing, integrating harmoniously with the CB's line by mounting on crashbars or any...

    137,50 €
  • 20,75 € In Stock

    FOBO Elbow Racing Valve (T-Valve) for Honda CB650F, CB650R, CBR650F & CBR650R. Suitable installation size 8.3/11.3mm, silver color. Allows you to inflate tires without having to remove the connected FOBO system each time you need it. Also allows you to switch to the T-valve system, which is more practical and quicker for evedysay use. Sold...

    20,75 €
  • 99,92 € In Stock

    Connected pressure monitoring system FOBO for Honda CB650F, CB650R, CBR650F & CBR650R. The FOBO system includes two valve caps with the latest bluetooth standards that communicate with your smartphone to inform you about the tire pressure and issue any alerts in the event of too low pressure or a slow puncture. Practical and quick to use, the system...

    99,92 €
  • 166,58 € Shipment expected within 5 days

    S2 Concept Tank Handles for Honda CB650F, CBR650F, CB650R Neo Sports Cafe and CBR650R. Put your passenger's comfort first with this tank handle. Painted black, it attaches easily to the CB650's fuel cap screws. Installation is easy, thanks to the mounting kit including the intermediate flange.

    166,58 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items