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  • 94,92 € 99,92 € -5% Shipment expected within 3 days

    R&G plate holder for your CB650F/CBR650F. Compatible with OEM blinkers, approved LED lighting.

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    DPM license plate holder for CB650F and CBR650F. Laser cut aluminum product with a very nice finish. Location retained for original turn signals and plate lighting included.

    113,25 €
  • 63,25 € 66,58 € -5% Shipment expected within 3 days

    Ligthech Adjustable Lincense Plate Holder for CB650F and CBR650F. Resistant and lightweight by its PA12 polymer design, this support is fixed on the existing points of the bike. Pre-drilling is available to fix the plate lighting as well as the reflector. Approved for EU roads.

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  • 70,76 € 83,25 € -15% Shipment expected within 25 days

    Ermax license plate holder for Honda CBR650F before 2017. Black aluminum light design, supplied with plate lighting, reflector but without indicators.

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  • 74,92 € Out of stock

    Barracuda License Plate Holder for CB650F and CBR650F.Anodized black aluminum design and steel fixing to limit vibrations.Kit specific to the bike for fixing on existing points.Plate lighting, turn signals and reflector are not included and can be purchased separately (see accessories).

    74,92 €
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  • 66,58 € Shipment expected within 7 days

    BRUUDT Licence Plate Frame for Honda CB650F & CBR650F between 2014 and 2018. Change the look of your CB with this tail tidy ! Made of machined and powder coated aluminum, it can be adjusted to different angles. An LED light and two types of turn signal brackets are included, allowing you to mount the original (or new) turn signals.  The kit also...

    66,58 €
  • 83,25 € Shipment expected within 4 days

    Top Block plate holder for CB650F & CBR650F. Indicators not included.

    83,25 €
  • 87,42 € Shipment expected within 3 days

    Lightech Tail Tidy for Honda CB650F and CBR650F. Give the rear of your CB650 a lighter, more dynamic look with this Lightech-approved license plate holder. The part is made of high-strength composite material and can be adjusted in inclination, to match EU standards.It comes with slots for indicators, a retro-reflector and plate lighting. Available with...

    87,42 €
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