Ixrace Titanium M10 Full Exhaust System



Ixrace M10 full exhaust system with titanium silencer and carbon end cap for Honda CB650R, CBR650R, CB650F and CBR650F is made of stainless steel. 

The M10 ixrace exhaust is road-legal in Europe with Euro4 certifications.

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The installation of the titanium Ixrace M10 exaust will reduce greatly the weight of your Honda (about 4 kilograms). It's homologated in Europe with Euro4 norms. Looks much nicer than the OEM and provides a great sound to your CB650R !

It's strongly recommended to change your header gaskets when changing the exhaust.

It's not needed to make any fuel injection optimisation as the Ixrace exhaust has a O2 sensor plug in order to keep your motorcycle works just like with stock exhaust.

Exhaust exit has a 50mm diameter. It has 2 removable db-killers.