EMC SportShock 1 Shock Absorber CB650F

EMC Shocks

EMC Sportshock 1 Shock Absorber for Honda CB650F between 2014 and 2016.

The EMC shock absorber is a system optimized for your comfort on the road, with a feeling of constant quality despite degraded roads or difficult weather conditions.

Your shock is delivered with springs chosen according to the usual load of the motorcycle. So please specify your weight (driver / passenger) and your habits in the field provided for this purpose.

N.B: the ydraulic preload option is useful for on-the-go adjustment of the spring preload. The adjustment is done with a wheel, making it possible to refine the adjustment by hand. Ideal in case of occasional change of load or to adapt its control for racing puropse.


Data sheet

CompatibilityCB650F 2014 / CB650F 2015 / CB650F 2016
  • Yes
  • No