CB650Shop IXRACE 2019 summer discount

In summer, we like to have fun with unexpected expenses !
What about an exhaust line from the IXRACE range (compatible with the new CB650R and CBR650R but also the CB650F and CBR650F).
CB650Shop offers you a voucher that will make you pay really less ... Let's see what you'll do with the saved money !

The code : IXRACE2019

You get 15% discount on a selection of IXRACE exhausts in addition to the standard 15% discount of CB650Shop !

What does it really give ?

 - MK2 Inox --> 779€ public price --> 662€ CB650Shop price --> 562€ with the voucher

 - MK2 Black --> 798€ public price --> 678€ CB650Shop price --> 576€ with the voucher

 - M9 --> 999€ public price --> 849€ CB650Shop price --> 721€ with the voucher

 - M9 Black --> 1039€ public price --> 883€ CB650Shop price --> 725€ with the voucher

 - M10 Titane --> 1190€ public price --> 1011€ CB650Shop price --> 860€ with the voucher

More than 200€ or 300€ of savings on the purchase of your IXRACE exhaust, it is from today within the limits of available stocks.

A true deal, without any other condition

The exhaust systems are compatible with your CB650F, CBR650F and the new CB650R Neo Sports Cafe and CBR650R.
The opportunity to have fun and bring a real sporty touch to your bike !
Note: the code is also automatically proposed at the cart validation step if the cart already contains an eligible product... it is to be sure that you will really enjoy this good deal!