SW-Motech Gear Selector



SW-Motech Gear Selector for Honda CB650R Neo Sports Cafe

If you're looking for even greater comfort when riding your bike, or if your legs are a little long, this shifter is the ideal accessory!

Made from milled and anodized aluminum alloy, the pedal is resistant to scratches and damage caused by falls, thanks to its protective spring which allows it to fold away.

The lever is made in two parts and can be adjusted by sliding. Its tip can be mounted at a 180° angle for greater comfort.

No homologation required.

Shipment expected within 7 days

Data sheet

CompatibilityCB650R 2019 / CB650R 2020 / CB650R 2021 / CB650R 2022 / CB650R 2023 / CB650R 2024

110,75 €


116,58 €